Meet your new Brand Advisor

Two of the most important things you need to know about me are that I’m here to listen and I’m here to help. Working with me as your Brand Advisor isn’t about fixing something you've broken or being told you’re doing something wrong, it’s about adapting to a constantly changing world, building a fundamentally sound brand and empowering you to make your own brand-authentic choices.

For nearly two decades, I’ve done the branding for my clients—writing bios and original content, managing the design of logos and websites, running social media accounts, promoting events to new/traditional media, and much more. Now, as your Brand Advisor, I want to show you how all of these different pieces fit together to create your brand so you can learn to effectively manage it yourself.

Like a Financial Advisor, who reconciles hard numbers with each individual's intangible vision of the future, I’m able to demystify the entire process, show you the big picture, work closely with you to design customized solutions and guide you as you consider your next steps. I’m also a consultant, a coach, a confidant and a collaborator you can call whenever you need an experienced, professional perspective.