We help small businesses in the Berkshires, Capital District, Hudson Valley and beyond with their every day branding needs


it's time to dance with your shadow

What is a brand?

A brand is like a shadow—we’ve all got one whether we choose to actively engage with it or not. Your shadow isn’t you, but it looks like you, and it’s constantly being shaped by your every movement.

Just like your shadow, your brand is an exaggerated, larger-than-life projection with the potential to leave a lasting, but often distorted, impression of the real thing.

That’s why we believe forging a strong brand is less about calling for the spotlight and more about learning how to dance with your shadow.


a fundamental approach

Where do we start?

Managing your own brand can be hard work, but that doesn't mean it has to be complicated. A thriving brand has the discipline to do these four basic things:

1.) define its own success,

2.) clearly articulate itself and what it does,

3.) engage others effectively, and

4.) make choices that foster brand authenticity.

We believe any business focusing on these four fundamentals can build a sustainable brand infrastructure and chart a clear path toward achieving its goals.


every day brand management

How can we help?

A graphic designer can imagine a timeless logo, a photographer can create beautiful images and a writer can deliver conversion-inspiring website content, but these are only a few pieces of a much larger puzzle.

How does a business find the right ways to develop and combine elements like these—often created by a variety of different sources—to build one seamless brand and make it work day after day?

That kind of organizational, big-picture thinking is where we come in. We call it "every day brand management" and it's all about building brands that can balance the daily details with their long-term goals.


it all starts with a conversation

How does this work?

We begin every new relationship with a free, no-obligation site visit and brand evaluation.

That first conversation serves as an extended introduction, demonstrates a good-faith interest in working together, and quickly identifies the most productive path forward.

Soon after we meet, you'll receive a detailed summary of our findings and recommendations, as well as a customized proposal that includes which of the following services we can offer and what they would cost.




We all need a little help sometimes, particularly when we're not sure exactly what comes next. From a friendly chat over coffee to a Skype session to a full-on, in-house strategy meeting, we can help you advance the conversation about your brand to the next level.


Brand Coaching

Your brand is defined by the countless choices made in its name every day. As brand coaches, we empower businesses to quickly and confidently make brand-authentic decisions by giving them the tools they need to effectively create their own success.


Content & Design

Today's brands engage their customers through a constant stream of words, images and videos across a variety of platforms. We can help you manage it all, using either our familiar in-house personnel or your own employees and preferred designers.

To schedule your free consultation, please email us or give us a call at (518) 733-9322.


Meet the partners

Who are we?

We’re a husband-and-wife team that loves to work with sole proprietors, small businesses and organizations, particularly ones with a locally minded focus.

Our home office is located in the beautiful Rensselaer County border town of Stephentown, New York, which sits at the crossroads of the Berkshires, Capital District, Hudson Valley and Southern Vermont.

After a year dedicated to projects within our community, including creating and co-organizing a three-day, 30+ event grassroots festival called Celebrate Stephentown, we're excited to expand our offerings and once again accept new clients from all around our region starting in early 2018.


Scott Menhinick, The Ideas Guy

Scott, our Brand Consultant & Content Specialist, has spent the past two decades helping creative individuals write and share their stories. Working closely with others to find the right words, themes and outlets for their work has been the central thread of his professional life, which has followed a successful through line from journalism to public relations to brand management. His focus on the latter began in 2013, when he closed his Boston-area music PR firm, Improvised Communications, after 11 years and more than 3300 placements in 200 print and web publications around the world. When he's not working with clients, Scott serves his community as President of the Stephentown Memorial Library.

Jennifer Peabody, The Organizer

Jennifer, our Project & Operations Manager, loves working with small businesses to find the most effective ways to get things done. The highlight of her resume is her 15 years of in-house experience at the New England Journal of Medicine, including managing large-scale digital projects and highly integrated teams of marketing, design and IT professionals. These days she much prefers to use her experience on a smaller scale, helping artisans, local businesses and service organizations improve their efficiency, productivity and profitability. When she's not working with clients, Jennifer volunteers with organizations offering food insecurity solutions in North Adams, Pittsfield and Stephentown.